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TerraData founders in 2006


TerraData environmetrics is a spin-off company of the University of Siena (Italy). It was created in 2006 to develop, integrate, transfer and apply the results of scientific research, in order to promote quantitative methods for environmental monitoring and assessment. Some of TerraData members are researchers in, or co-operate with, the Universities of Siena, Trieste and Cagliari, and in the Fondazione Edmund Mach at S. Michele all’Adige (TN).


TerraData has an average annual publication rate of 28 ISI papers.




Management Board


Luisa Frati, PhD

President, Management Board
PhD at the University of Siena on the effects of atmospheric nitrogen pollution on lichen diversity.
Expert in lichen biology and biodiversity.
Research interests: environmental monitoring and biomonitoring. Applicability of bioindication and bioaccumulation techniques, environmental alteration of risk areas.
Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Biodiversity.



Giovanni Bacaro, PhD

Vice-president, Management Board<
Associate Professor of Environmental and Applied Botany at the University of Trieste. PhD at the University of Siena on monitoring biodiversity in Natura 2000 Network.
Expert in community ecology and data analysis.
Research interests: monitoring of plant diversity at different spatial scales, analysis of congruence among taxa, sample design, predictive models of climate change.



Marco Calderisi, PhD

Management Board
PhD at the University of Siena on the use of chemometrics to decipher NMR fingerprint.
Expert in chemometrics.
Research interests: improve statistical analysis of environmental monitoring data by applying a chemometrics perspective and a reproducible research approach.





Giorgio Brunialti PhD

Technical and Marketing Director
PhD at the University of Siena on the effects of forest management on lichen communities.
Expert in lichen biology and biodiversity.
Research interests: environmental monitoring by means of indicator species. Standardisation of biomonitoring methods and quality assurance procedures in environmental monitoring.
Member of the Editorial Board of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, International Journal of Biodiversity, Dataset Papers in Atmospheric Sciences, ISRN Ecology.



Scientific advisory board


Alessandro Chiarucci, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board
Full Professor of Vegetation Ecology and Conservation Biology at the University of Bologna.
Expert in plant community ecology, biogeography, biodiversity assessment methods.
Research Interests: issues related to the assessment and monitoring of biodiversity, spatial and temporal patterns of biological communities, relations between environmental factors and biological communities.
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Vegetation Science and Applied Vegetation Science. 



Duccio Rocchini, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board
Researcher of the Edmund Mach Foundation, Trento.
PhD at the University of Siena on GIS and Remote Sensing to estimate biodiversity.
Expert in Geographical Modelling and Spatial Ecology.
Research interests: ecological Informatics, ecological heterogeneity and biodiversity estimate by satellite imagery, free and Open Source Software for spatial ecology, statistical analysis of spatial and ecological data.
Associate Editor of Journal of Vegetation Science and of Applied Vegetation Science, International Editorial Advisory Board Member of Progress in Physical Geography.



Simona Maccherini, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board
Researcher of Applied and Environmental Botany at the University of Siena.
PhD at the University of Siena on the ecology and restoration of calcareous semi-natural grasslands.
Expert in Plant Ecology.
Research interests: ecology and monitoring of plant communities, environmental design and statistical analyses, restoration ecology.
Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Vegetation Science.





Michela Marignani, PhD

Share holder
Researcher of Environmental and Applied Botany at the University of Cagliari.
Expert in plant Ecology and Landscape Ecology.
Research interests: priorities for the selection of sites for plant conservation, landscape ecology and management.
Member of the Steering Committee of Planta Europa a network of non-governmental and governmental organisations involved in wild plants and fungi conservation across Europe.
Coordinator of the Ecology working group within the Italian Botanical Society.



LINNÆAMBIENTE Ricerca Applicata Srl    

Share holder
Company made up of professionals linked with the world of research and environmental management. It has several years of experience of working with government agencies, universities and research institutes in Italy and abroad.

Main activities include public and private green, teaching and research services, assessment, monitoring, restoration and use of environmental resources.





Federico Zuliani    

Forest Scientist.
Master's degree at the University of Padua, with an experimental thesis on the use of mycorrhizae as a bio-indicator of the "ink disease" of chestnut. Previous experience in the management of international cooperation projects in the agro-forestry development in Africa and coordination within the maintenance of public parks. Research interests: forests monitoring, sustainable forest management standards, euro project writing.



Partner scientists



Valerio Amici, PhD

Research fellow at the Unversity of Rome La Sapienza and member of the BioConNet network at the University of Siena. PhD at the University of Siena on Spatial and temporal analysis of forest diversity landscape patterns. Expert in GIS, Geostatistical Analysis and Geographical Modelling. Research interests: Spatial ecology, Landscape ecology, Ecological complexity, Species and habitats distribution modelling.



Paolo Giordani, PhD

PhD at the University of Trieste on the influence of environmental factors on the epiphytic lichen diversity.
Expert in lichen ecology and biodiversity.
Research interests: biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution, forest ecology, environmental assessment, biodiversity assessment.
Project Manager of the CEN European Standard on the biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution by means of lichens. Adjunct professor of Plant Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Genova. He received several research fellowships within national and European research project on Plant Ecology. He acted as reviewer for more than 20 ISI journals in the field of applied ecology.



Elisa Santi, PhD  

Research fellow at the Hydrogeologic Protection Research Institute (IRPI-CNR).
PhD at the University of Siena on the cross-taxon congruence of species diversity and community similarity.
Expert in monitoring and analysis of plant diversity. Research interests: biodiversity monitoring, conservation planning, plant ecology, vegetation and soil interactions.



Martina Pollastrini, PhD  

Forest Scientist.
PhD at the University of Firenze on the effects of environmental stress and their interactions on photosynthesis and growth in poplar clones.
Expert in forest monitoring.
Research interests: impact of climate change on forest ecosystems, the interaction between vegetation and ground-level ozone and various aspects related to environmental stressors on vegetation.



Sara Landi, PhD  

PhD at University of Siena, on plant species diversity in the network of Natura 2000 Network of the Province of Siena. Expert of plant species identification, plant ecology and monitoring of plant communities. Interests: ecology and monitoring of plant communities, conservation biology, rare species, protected areas, sampling design.